Acupuncture, Fertility & Pregnancy – Testimonials

wendy1r“Dear Wendy,

Thank you so much for your help – whilst trying for just over a year to get pregnant, I can’t believe we conceived within four weeks of starting treatment, we were over the moon!! Continued treatment ensured a super healthy pregnancy and I really appreciate your support,

Lots of love

Claire, Lee, Brandon & Tilly

“I was already having acupuncture for RSI so when I mentioned to Wendy that we were trying for a baby she started to treat the relevant points. After 12 months nothing happened so our GP sent us for tests. The tests revealed a male fertility problem which would make it difficult but not impossible to conceive naturally. Obviously this was upsetting and it seemed that IVF would be our only hope.

At one of my acupuncture sessions Wendy mentioned that when both partners had been treated by her and Nicholas it had resulted in a few successful pregnancies. I mentioned this to my Husband when I got home and to my surprise (he’s not normally one for alternative therapies!) he said he would give it a go. He booked an appointment straight away and approx. 5 months later (one week before going for the hospital appointment to pick up the IVF drugs) I found out I was pregnant!

You could say it was the acupuncture or just luck but if you are having difficulty conceiving and feel IVF is the only answer why not give acupuncture a try first? It’s cheaper, causes far less heartache, doesn’t involve drugs and you couldn’t wish for a more caring practitioner than Wendy! Good luck!”

Andrea (Mummy to a lively 3 year old)