Treatment Info

wendy5The initial consultation usually lasts about 2 hours and is a relaxed chance to talk to me about your health. It is a key part of the process as it helps me to build up a comprehensive picture of you as a whole person. I will ask about your main complaint, any other problems, your personal and family medical history, appetite, sleep and how the various systems in your body are functioning. You will also have plenty of opportunity to talk to me about any issues or concerns that are troubling you. You can be assured that everything that takes place in the treatment room is entirely confidential and non-judgemental. My aim in taking such a detailed history is to understand fully the problems and symptoms you are experiencing in order to help you return to health.

Talking is followed by a physical examination, which includes blood pressure and an assessment of your overall temperature distribution. I pay specific attention to the pulses on both wrists as these are a major diagnostic tool which I use to identify the state of energy in your body. Along with other diagnostic techniques, the pulses are used to plan your treatment and gauge progress.

Subsequent appointments take 45 minutes – 1 hour and divide into an opportunity for us to talk and discuss your progress, and treatment which is based on the insertion of vey fine, sterile, disposable needles into acupuncture points. Many patients are concerned that treatment will be painful, or that the needles used will be similar to those used to give injections in Western medicine. This is far from the case; the needles are flexible and about the width of two fine head hairs. In most cases there is a very slight ‘prick’ as the needle enters the skin, sometimes followed by a dull ache as it reaches the acupuncture point. The sensation is quite acceptable and lasts only 1-2 seconds.

Where possible I suggest that you eat only a light meal before or after treatment and that you avoid alcohol for the whole day in order to allow yourself chance to receive the maximum benefit. Try to arrive for treatment in as relaxed a state as possible, and allow yourself to take thing gently for a couple of hours afterwards.

How will you respond to treatment?

Everyone is unique, and therefore the response to treatment varies from person to person. Some patients notice a change in their overall state of well-being first, then an improvement in their main complaint. Others notice a marked improvement straight away. Some feel revitalised, some relaxed, whilst others feel more subtle changes that may only be noticed in retrospect. The length of time the condition has existed, the severity of the disease and the patients lifestyle are often factors in the speed of improvement.

How frequent will your treatment be?

Generally you will come for treatment weekly until your condition improves. Some patients may need an intensive series of treatments, other much less so. The majority of patients need to be seen weekly for approximately 4-6 weeks. As the patients health improves, appointments are then spaced further and further apart until there is only a need for a periodic check-up to maintain your progress.

At this stage your treatment will have moved into the preventative role for which acupuncture is also used. Many patients chose to continue this on-going preventative care as a means to help them maintain their health and well-being.